BPIG Ch Novacoast Taken By Storm


Enjoying a walk in Wishing Well Park, Newfoundland.   

Practicing with his backpack.  Such a good boy! 

 September 2013. 

 Summer 2013

Syler has enjoyed a summer full of camping, hiking, travelling and making lots of new friends!

Thank you, Lisa, for the beautiful photos!!!!!

Happy 2nd birthday, Syler!!!  Thank you, Lisa, for the picture of Syler celebrating his birthday.  He is such a good boy!!! 

New Champion!!!!

22 months old

May 2013 

17 Months Old 

 One Year Old

Camilla Holmvall photo 

 May 13th, 2012 Dartmouth Kennel Club show.

~Holmvall Photos~ 

 5.5 Months Old

Syler's first Christmas!  5.5 months old.  

9 Weeks Old


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