Show Schedule 2013 

 Halifax Kennel Club

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Saturday, February 9th & Sunday, February 10th

Judges:  Ole Nielson & Jack Ireland

Results:  Under judge Ole Nielson, Adele is Best Of Opposite to finish her CKC Championship.

Under judge Jack Ireland, Syler is Winners Male, Adele is Best Of Opposite and Justus is Best Of Breed, Group 1st and Best Puppy in Group.  

Cobequid Dog Club

Bible Hill, Nova Scotia

Saturday, March 23rd & Sunday, March 24th

Judges: Len Harfield & Colette Muldoon

Results:  Saturday, under judge Len Harfield, Justus was Best Of Oppostie and Syler was Best Of Winners.

Sunday, under judge Colette Muldoon, Justus was Best Of Breed, Syler was Winners Male. 


Truro, Nova Scotia

Saturday, April 27th & Sunday, April 28th

Judges:  Patricia Cruz, Joyce Lee Hanson, Horst 

Kliebenstein & Sean Delmar

Results:  Saturday morning, under judge Patricia Cruz, Jury was Reserve Best Male with a rating of Excellent and Savita was Best Female with a rating of Excellent.

Saturday afternoon, under judge Joyce Lee Hanson, Jury was Best Of Breed and rated Excellent.  Savita was Best  Female and rated Excellent.

Sunday afternoon, under judge Horst Kliebenstein, Jury was Best Male and rated Excellent, Savita was Best Female and rated Excellent to finish her CFC championship.

Sunday afternoon, under judge Sean Delmar, Jury was Best Male with a rating of Excellent to finish his CFC championship and Savita was rated excellent with the first card towards her Elite Championship.  

 Dartmouth Kennel Club

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Saturday, May 11th & Sunday, May 12th

Judges: Buth MacDonald, Cec Ringstrom,  Michael Woods, Ron Mahon

Results: Saturday AM under judge Butch MacDonald, Syler goes best of breed from the classes over specials to finish his championship, he also made the cut in the group.  Ciara was best of opposite.

Saturday PM, under judge Cec Ringstorm, Syler is Select dog and Ciara is best of opposite and best of winners.

Sunday AM, under judge Michael Woods, Syler is Select dog and Ciara is best of opposite.

Sunday PM, under judge Ron Mahon, Syler is select dog and Ciara is best of opposite.  

Tantramar Kennel Club

Amherst, Nova Scotia

Saturday, May 18th & Sunday, May 19th

Judges: Melvin Beech & Michael Lanctot

Results:  Saturday afternoon, under judge Melvin Beech, Ciara was Best Of Opposite.

Sunday, under judge Michael Lanctot, Ciara was Best Of Opposite and Best Of Winners.  

South Shore Kennel Club

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Saturday, June 1st & Sunday, June 2nd

Judges: Cheryl Myers Egerton & Paul Stanton

Results:  Saturday, under judge Paul Stanton, Desaray was Best Of Breed and Ciara was Reserve Winners Bitch. 

Sunday, under judge Cheryl Myers Egerton, Mylie was Best of Breed and Ciara was Winners Bitch.  

 Evangeline Kennel Club

Canning, Nova Scotia

Saturday, June 29th & Sunday, June 30th

Judges: Diane Miller, Peter Machen,  Judith Shurb, Margaret Jones

Results:  Saturday morning, under judge Diane Miller, Desaray was winners bitch and Mylie was best of Opposite.

Saturday afternoon, under judge Peter Machen, Desaray was winners bitch and Mylie was best of breed and group 3rd.

Sunday morning, under judge Judith Shurb, Desaray was winners bitch and Mylie was best of opposite.

Sunday afternoon, under judge Margaret Jones, Ciara was winners bitch and Mylie was best of opposite.

Chaleur Kennel Club

Bathurst, New Brunswick

Saturday, July 13th & Sunday, July 14th

Judges: Clara Inez Pulido Reyes Fabian Daza,  Adriana Gaitan Villegas Christian Gomez

 Results:  Saturday morning, under judge Clara Inez Pulido Reyes, Mylie was Best Of Opposite.

Saturday afternoon, under judge Fabian Daza, Mylie was Best Of Opposite.

Sunday morning, under judge Adriana Gaitan Villegas, Mylie was Best Of Opposite.

Sunday afternoon, under judge Christian Gomez, Mylie was Best Of Opposite. 

Todd Foley Photo 

Halifax Kennel  Club

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sunday, September 1st 

Judge:  Doug Windsor

Results :  We only entered on Sunday for the CNASA Australian Shepherd booster.  Under judge Doug Windsor, Ruger was Best Of Breed, Atlas was Select Dog and Kiana was Best Of Opposite.  Ruger then went on to win the herding group and a RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!! 


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