March 13, 2013


To Whom It May Concern:

          I have found my experiences with Novacoast Australian Shepherds to be very positive! When I visited their home, Angela and Collin were so friendly and open. It was apparent that they possessed a deep knowledge of the Aussie dog breed. You could also see the love and respect that they have for these animals.

I am a Grade One Teacher. Angela and Collin have brought their dogs to my classroom and to our school in general several times- both as small puppies and as larger dogs. At all visits, their dogs were very social, loyal and gentle even with a whole class of students! My students and I enjoyed several afternoons with the dogs. I certainly could see that everything I knew about this breed’s temperament was correct. Even today, students are asking me if I will show them the Novacoast website.

Novacoast Australian Shepherds and Angela and Collin take great care in the choice of breeding lines. These breeders have a direct effect on their pups’ personalities with the great personal care and the attention they provide each pup. This said, their puppies and dogs possess all of the beautiful traits associated with this breed and are healthy and happy. Each one has a unique personality of their own. They possess the kindest disposition and totally love spending time with a family. They are champions and have won many prestigious awards in dog shows around the world.

These dogs would make a wonderful addition to any home!


Donna Publicover

 March 2, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

Angela and Collin are truly dedicated to Novacoast Australian Shepherds and the Aussie breed. I am certainly impressed with how they work hard to raise each pup. You can definitely tell how much they love each and every one!

They are such happy dogs and everyone comments on how unique their personalities are. They bring much joy to me when I visit. I am very impressed with both their temperament and their health. Their pups are intelligent, caring, beautiful and always impeccably groomed.

            Collin and Angela’s website is full of beautiful pictures and videos of their puppies and adult dogs, contains breeding information, is highly organized and is very professional. Their website is always kept current. These breeders are informative, honest and realistic when asked questions about their dogs and the breed.

Novacoast Aussies puppies and dogs have won many titles in different dog shows. They train for agility and herding and are active in rally and obedience.

I have read and researched different breeders and Aussie dogs and I would highly recommend this particular breed and Novacoast Australian Shepherds.

My thanks to you for breeding such wonderful Aussie puppies/dogs and showing Nova Scotians, Canadians and the world this amazing breed!

 Yours truly,

Kris Dagley

 February 27, 2013


To Whom It May Concern:

I have visited Novacoast Australian Shepherds many times. I was warmly welcomed each time! It was obvious from the very first moment that I visited this home and met Angela and Collin that this was not purely a dog breeding business. Their love of this particularly wonderful breed and of their dogs is clearly displayed and very obvious!

These delightful puppies are home raised. I have watched the puppies mature nicely into intelligent, even-tempered dogs with their own, distinct personalities. Their pups have excellent temperament and health and always demonstrate a great example of the breed. All of their dogs are very friendly and attentive. These dogs become part of Angela and Collin’s family and easily integrate into the forever homes when the time comes!

             Angela and Collin are very professional, approachable and knowledgeable about the breed. They continue to educate themselves through courses and seminars etc. They have been very honest in answering all questions that I have asked about their puppies and dogs.

             Angela and Collin make sure that they match the right puppy with the right family. They will provide you with a great deal of information on the breed and tips on raising the perfect puppy. They are fantastic breeders. I would recommend these breeders to anyone looking to adopt an Australian Shepherd!


Kody Dagley

 January 26th/2013

To Whom It May Concern

The purpose of this letter is to provide a character reference for Collin Veinot and Angela Slauenwhite and Novacoast Australian Shepherds.

I have known Collin and Angela for many years, both personally as well as on a professional level.  They are wonderful, kind, caring people, who are incredibly knowledgeable and responsible breeders of Australian Shepherds.  Time, love and dedication towards their dogs is always first and foremost.

I had the privilege of having one of their dogs come and live with me for obedience training.  In the months that Savita was with me, I had many transactions with Collin and Angela.  They were actively involved in her care and training progress. Any problems or concerns I might have had be they large or small, were always addressed immediately by them. Savita returned home to spend Christmas with her Novacoast family and return to me for more training.  We resumed our daily activities as if she had never been gone.

I am looking forward to co-owning my own Novacoast puppy very soon.

In closing I would have no hesitation in recommending Collin , Angela as well as Novacoast Australian Shepherds to anyone. 


Sue Bosence

Saint John, New Brunswick


 January 24th, 2013


I first met Angela and Collin in 2007 through an agility club.  Since than I got to know them very well. 

       We began training and showing our dogs together.  My dogs have stayed with them many times.  When they went to dog shows they have taken my dogs with them to show them for me while I stayed at home and looked after some of their dogs. 

       Over the years they have brought their dogs to many of my obedience classes.  So they take the time to make sure they are well socialized and trained. 

       When it was time for them to have their first litter of puppies, I was at their house to help them out.  The whelping area was well setup and clean for the babies to enter the world. 

       Angela and Collin’s dog are always well groomed, happy and in great shape.  Their dogs are in their house as part of the family.  The Novacoast Aussie’s could not ask for a better home! 

I highly recommend Angela and Collin as a good responsible breeder.  They will both go out and beyond for not only their dogs but any dog! 


                                                                                                Crystal Flemming, CTB.ccs

                                                                                                P.O. Box 54

                                                                                                Port Medway, N.S. 

                                                                                                B0J 2T0

 January 21st, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Ronda Stuart and I've known Angela and Collin for approximately 1 and a half years!  Although I have only met them face to face on one occasion, I had a great deal of communication through email with Angela herself!

Two years ago, I started my search for an Australian Shepherd puppy and Novacoast Aussies came highly recommended during that time.  I had filled out the proper paperwork but due to high demand from people for a Novacoast Aussie puppy, unfortunately my wait would be a lot longer that I was willing to wait so I looked elsewhere until I found another reputable breeder!  I regret not waiting as I know Novacoast puppies are well worth the wait...they are amazing dogs and Angela and Collin are amazing breeders.  They really take the time to try to make sure their puppies go to the best homes possible because they want nothing but the best for their dogs and you can see that in the way they care and love their dogs.  

Because I had bought a puppy out of province, it was difficult at times to communicate with the breeder so I turned to Angela, we had only spoke through email correspondence at this time but she answered any questions I had about the breed and offered me so much advice about my new puppy.  I can't count the number of times we communicated back and forth about my new puppy and all the questions I had and Angela was so obliging to help me, it was so wonderful of her and I was so very grateful!  She always got back to me the same day I messaged her!  I know that Angela and Collin did not have to take any time with me whatsoever because I didn't even buy a puppy from them but I truly seen how devoted and dedicated they are to this breed that it was amazing for them to do that for me.  I know how involved they are in their own puppies and the families that end up with their dogs and I commend them both for being so involved and caring so much about their dogs that they spend so much time loving and raising because that is their life, their dedication, their devotion!

On the occasion I met them face to face, was the time I had a problem taping my Aussie pup's ears, Angela through email told me she would be in town near where I live on a certain day, showing her dogs and she told me that if I could drop over, she would be glad to assist me with the taping of my puppy's ears.  I was so overwhelmed that she would do that and I took her up on that offer and took my two children and two dogs to the show to meet her and Collin.  Angela and Collin stopped what they were doing and came outside to my car to meet my dogs and she and Collin proceeded to tape my pup's ears for me.  I was so grateful yet again that they took time out of their busy schedule to help me and I hadn't even gotten my puppy from them...I can't imagine the lengths they would go for me if I had! 

I would, without a doubt, be honored to have a Novacoast Aussie, they are beautiful dogs with amazing temperaments and the breeding standards are impeccable!  Their devotion to their dogs is commendable and I would love the on-going relationship with them by having one of their dogs.  I see too many breeders who just want to make the sale and you never hear from them again, that is not what I call good breeding standards.  They have the reputation they do for a reason, they've earned it and they deserve it.  Angela and Collin are two of the nicest people I've ever met and I wish them all the best in their breeding and their dogs are extremely lucky to have such loving people caring for them and raisint them!


Ronda Stuart

 November 24, 2012


To whom it may concern,

 On February 19th, 2012, I contacted Collin Veinot and Angela Slauenwhite about their upcoming litter. I wanted to have a red merle show dog with the Thornapple bloodline. In fact, while doing research on facebook breeders and Internet breeders’ websites I found out that Collin and Angela were one of the rare trustworthy breeders here in Canada with Thornapple dogs. Unfortunately, I have not been able to have a puppy from them yet.  The reason is simple, they really take into consideration what you want according to what type of dogs they have in their litter. They do not sell dogs to anybody in order to make money out of it.  Anyhow, conscientious breeders like them do this “job” because they love dogs and they are their passion.

 Over the past months, we developed a close relationship by writing on Facebook almost everyday and, sometimes, sending text messages.  They sent me videos about handling techniques, pictures on how to tape Australian shepherds’ ears and, most of all, they answered my questions within the same day. That’s what I call caring breeders. I have never had that close relationship with any dog breeders before. 

Even though I did not buy a dog from them, they helped me throughout the process of getting my dog from Thornapple. They shared their past experiences to help me.  If it were not of Collin, I would have had to drive to the USA to get my dog. My actual breeder and I did not know about the few details on cargo shipping from the USA to Canada.  Luckily, I knew Collin and Angela who were able to guide me. 

 In Québec, Angela and Collin are seen as one of the best caring and helping people in dog breeding with excellent healthy dogs.  Whenever you have a question about dogs, they will always be pleased to help you.  As for their dogs, they are winners. 

 I hope you will take this letter into consideration. These two people are wonderful in every way and I do not know what I would do if they were not there to help me becoming a better dog owner. I am sure, I am not the only one saying it.



Julie Plourde