Ads/Banners designed by us here at Novacoast. 

 Elias New Disc Dog Title Ad

August 2013

 Ruger's Fall CNASA Quarterly Ad

August 2013

 Ad for Julie Plourde of Quebec.  Lewis CNASA Fall Quarterly 2013 ad.

 Sue & Savita's obedience/rally ad.  

July 2013 

 Leona's August 2013 Canuck Dogs Ad 

Mylie's July 2013 Spotlight Canuck Dogs Ad 

 Mylie's Summer 2013 CNASA ad

 Jury's May 2013 Canuck Dogs Ad

Justus' March Canuck Dogs Ad 

Mylie x Ruger babies Spring 2013 CNASA Quarterly Ad 

Christmas 2012 

Rio's November 2012 Canuck Dogs Ad 

Justus & Rio's CNASA Winter Quarterly 2012 Ad 

Ruger's Fall 2012 CNASA Quarterly Ad 

 Emery's September 2012 Canuck Dogs Ad

Ruger's August 2012 Canuck Dogs Ad 

 Kona's Canuck Dogs Ad, July 2012

Ad for Lee Anne Kelly of Jalemeer Aussies for the 2012 CNASA Nationals catalog. 

 Derwyn's June 2012 Canuck Dogs Ad 

Pearl's Ad, April 2012 

Syler's May 2012 Canuck Dogs ad. 

Syler Ad, April 2012. 

Atlas Ad April 2012 

April 2012 

Novacoast Website Banner, April 2012 

Banner for Medway Kennels Website 

~April 2012~ 

Novacoast Aussies website banner.  March 2012. 

Jury's CNASA Quarterly Ad, Spring 2012 

Jury's Canuck Dogs Ad March 2012 


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