Well, after much research and attending a seminar on Canine Nutrition we have decided to take the plunge and give raw feeding a try!  We have been doing this for about a month now, using raw food plus veggies, fruit and supplements and so far the dogs are loving it and doing very well on it. 

For about a year now, Collin and I have changed our diets to eliminate processed foods as much as possible and although we get tons of cardio exercise with the dogs,we have joined a local gym that we attend a few times a week to workout with the weight machines.  We decided that since we are trying to live healthier lives for ourselves that we wanted our dogs to live healthier lives as well!  Our dogs get lots of exercise on our farm and on outings with us but we wanted to do even more for their health so that is when we made the decision to start raw feeding.  Raw feeding is much more time consuming to prepare than kibble but luckily I only work outside of the home part time, only a very few hours a week, so I have plenty of time to be home with the dogs to play with them, train them and to prepare their meals and bake treats for them.  

We feel very good about this decision, as our dogs are the most important part of our lives and we want to do everything that we possibly can to make sure that they have the very best of everything!   We feel very confident that we are successful at this and the smiles on our aussies' faces make it all worthwhile!  :)