This week is week 3 of Lexa and Quarry's obedience classes.  They are having  a great time and are making all kinds of new doggie friends...and people friends too:)  There is a shiloh shepherd at class and the first week she wanted to play sooo badly but she is so much larger than all of the other dogs that no one wanted to play with her...well no one except for Lexa!!!!  Once the other dogs saw Lexa playing with Sable then they knew that she was all right and then they played with her too.  Sable was one happy girl!  Quarry likes to play too but he also likes to check out the people to see what kinds of treats they have!

For anyone in the Bridgewater/Liverpool area, we highly recommend Crystal Flemming's classes.  You can find a link to her website on our links page...Medway Kennels.