Cape Breton is always a very beautiful place to visit!  We enjoyed our weekend in Cape Breton at the end of August and attended the Cape Breton Kennel Club show in Glace Bay.  We had Quarry, Lexa and Trio with us.  Lexa finished her championship handled by Terri Lee Foley Cossar during the first show.  Everyone loves to show Lexa so we all had a turn.  I showed her in the afternoon show and we ended up taking the breed, Lexa is the first aussie to beat Quarry since he was moved up to specials!  We also went on to take a group 4th over some very nice dogs!  The next day Collin showed Lexa and they took reserve winners bitch, Trio was winners bitch for her first point!  Trio was shown by Chelby Marling.  In the afternoon Sydney Cossar showed Lexa to best of opposite, they looked great together.  Quarry was best of breed in 3 out of the 4 shows, losing only to his half sister.  Quarry had a group 2nd and two group 4ths!  Of course the best part of the weekend was spending time with our dogs and our friends!  We had a great time at Roslyn Forrest's house Saturday evening after the show...we also got to play with her 4 week old bull terrier puppies!!!  They were sooo cute!  And of course there was tons of good food!! 
The aussies were glad when they got back home and of course it didn't take them long to get back in the pond!!  They do not look like show dogs for long when they are at home and they sure have fun getting dirty!