Ch Thornapple Aftershock 


Today was a very sad day for us here at Novacoast as well as for the whole aussie community.  We woke up to the news of Diablo's passing.  Even though we have never met this amazing boy he has touched our lives in so many ways and is the reason why we have our special Thornapple girl, Mylie.  He has definitely been a great inspiration to us and also to so many others around the world!  You don't have to know Diablo personally to know just how special he is, all you have to do is talk to Bitta who was lucky enough to share her life with this boy.  The bond that they had was incredible and it is heartbreaking to know that he was taken from her sway too soon.   

 Our thoughts are with you, Bitta and we know that Diablo will always be watching over you.  He may be gone but he will NEVER be forgotten...he lives on in his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all over the world.