Well, here it is almost the end of another year!   We couldn't be happier with what 2011 gave to us!  We had our very first litter which was an amazing experience!  We were advised by a good friend and reputable, longtime breeder to keep and show the entire litter!  We did however let one go and I am sure that Brittany would have been very disappointed if she wouldn't have gotten her special boy, Woobie.  We are very fortunate that we see Woobie almost every week so we get to watch him grow up with the rest of his litttermates.  

The puppies turned 6 months old the day of the Chaleur Dog Club show in Bathurst, New Brunswick.  I stayed home to look after our newest babies that were born just days before the show and Collin traveled to Bathurst with Jury, Kiana and Savita.  What happened next was beyond our wildest dreams!!!  Not only did our girls pick up some points, Jury actually finished his championship at 6 months and 1 day old at his very first show!!!  And not only did he finish his championship, he placed in the group in all 4 shows picking up two group 2nds and two group 4ths in a very strong herding group!!  He was best puppy in group in all 4 shows and his very first time in the ring won best puppy in show!!!!!  We were beyond thrilled that the judges loved our boy so much.  And just when we thought that it couldn't get any better...3 more of the puppies finished easily with multiple group placements, multiple puppy groups wins, a group win and another best puppy in show for Atlas, it was a great summer for us.  Jury also picked up a second best puppy in show and has been the #1 aussie puppy in Canada since July!  The other two puppies in the litter picked up points as well and will continue their show career in 2012.  

Savita has gone to live with a friend of ours who has now become Savita's trainer.  Sue will trial Savita next year in obedience as well as rally o and drafting!  As soon as Sue started Savita's training it was obvious to her that Savita was a very smart girl and very willing to please, her natural focus made her a dream to work with.  Sue told me that Savita is an obedience person's dream and we couldn't be happier with the bond that Savita is forming with Sue, it is so easy to see how much they love each other and love working together!  We look forward to their future in the performance rings!  

We are definitely looking forward to what the future has in store for us here at Novacoast!