Nova earning his BDD title.  May 2015

Thank you Fabien Gagnon for the beautiful pictures!

 November 4th, in Quebec, Canada, Nova finishes his Novice Disc Dog title!!!  Well done, Gerry & Nova!!!!   

September 22nd, 2013 in Quebec, Canada, Nova earns a Q in Jumper and Standard novice CKC agility.  

We couldn't be prouder of all of Nova's accomplishments!!!!!!  Way to go, Joanne & Nova!!!!! 

September 7th, in Quebec, Canada, Nova places 6th in Novice Disc Dog!!!  Well done, Gerry & Nova!!!!   

Saturday, August 17th, 2013 in Ontario, Canada, Nova earns 3 more Q's in Starter Standard, Advanced Gambler and Advanced Snooker with first place in each one.

 Some photos of Nova doing what he loves at an agility trial in Ontario.

Summer of 2013

Photos by Rachel Bird

 Nova and his family visit Nova Scotia!!!!

July 2013

 Nova playing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Nova loves the beach!!! 

 Nova took a break from his vacation to go to an agility trial.  We were so happy to have a chance to see Nova in action, he truly is our Novacoast agility star!!!!!

 Nova at 2 months old the day that he left Nova Scotia and Nova at 2 years old visiting Nova Scotia. 

 July 6th & 7th in Quebec, Canada, Nova has 3 more qualifying agility runs...1 in starter jumper, 1 in advanced gambler and 1 in advanced snooker!!!!!  Congratulations Joanne & Gerry, we are so proud of Nova's accomplishments!!!!!

Go Nova!  1st Place run in Gamblers for Nova and Joanne!  This boy LOVES agility!!!!! 

May 12th at the Montreal agility trial, Nova got a first place and a qualified run in advanced snooker.  

Such a silly boy!   

 April 6th, 2013- Nova had two qualifying runs, one in starter gambler and one is starter snooker.  Now Nova will be moved up in both categories!  Way to go Joanne and Nova!!!!!

 March 16th was an awesome day in Ontario for Ch Novacoast Red Sky At Night RPT "Nova" who got a qualifying run in a starter snooker and finished first in the event!!!!! Congratulations to his owners/handlers, JoanneBrassard & Gerry Brault of Quebec.  We are so proud of Nova, good job Joanne and Gerry!!!!!

 Nova's first agility trial and first qualifying run in Starter Gamble!!!  February 2013.

Nova and Elias.  November 27th, 2012 

Brassard/Brault Photos

 Nova herding, October 2012. 

~Brassard/Brault Photos~ 

14 Months Old

~Brassard/Brault Photos~

  Nova's first time on sheep, 1 Year Old. 

~Brassard/Brault Photos~

 1 Year Old. 

~Brassard/Brault Photos~

  11 Months old meeting his brother Elias.  

~Brassard/Brault Photos~

  10 Months old  (second in the line up)

~Brassard/Brault Photos~

 9 Months old  

~Brassard/Brault Photos~

 7 Months old 


4 months old  

~Brassard/Brault Photo~

 3.5 months old

~Brassard/Brault Photos~

 Thank you, JoAnne & Gerry for this video of Nova!  You are doing a great job with him!!

Nova at 3 months old!

~Brassard/Brault Photos~  

Hi Angela, Nova is really SUPER!!! He is beyond our expectations, what a lovable little guy and so well balance.

Guest what, we know one person at AC cargo and there he is at the counter. Boy did we get a personalized service. The aircraft came in 20 minutes late.

You should have seen his assurance when they brought him over to us on a pallet with a forklift. Nova surely was not stressed, his crate was not soiled.

We can see the great work you all accomplished in his development. He met our 2 grands sons 2 and 4 years old and he is great with kids.

We had Nova meet our Sweetie Pie in a neutral place, the baseball field, and you would have had a good laugh. Nova was running towards Pie and she was keeping a good distance from him, it took some time to tame Pie and then we came home for Pie's frisbee run and all went very well.

After coming in and a good meal, Nova is well asleep after a very big day for him.

We will be sending you pictures as we go along.

Thanks again

Joanne and Gerry

  Thank you Joanne & Gerry for the update!!  Nova is a very special boy, we are so happy that you love him so much already!

 Saying good-bye to Nova before he leaves to start his new life.


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