Novacoast Australian Shepherds & Bengals is located on the beautiful south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.  We are one hour from the provincial capital city, Halifax and thirty minutes from the picturesque coastline, including our favorite beaches:  Crescent, Green Bay and Rissers.  Nova Scotia, also referred to as Canada's ocean playground, is world famous for it's seafood, especially lobster, striking scenery and the world's highest tides at the Bay of Fundy.  We are very proud to call Nova Scotia our home!  

Novacoast Australian Shepherds & Bengals is owned by Angela Slauenwhite & Collin Veinot.  We are situated on a farm in a small, rural community with our dogs, cats and horses .  We both grew up surrounded by animals so it is no surpise to anyone who knows us that animals are such an important part of our lives today! 

Collin brought home his first Australian Shepherd, Pepper, in 1996.  Pepper won over our hearts and she is the reason that we have decided to get more involved in the breed.    Pepper was an excellent dog and has taught us both so much.  She was a very intense, focused and  willing worker, even  in her old age!

Our first bengal joined our family in 2014.  We were fascinated by his beauty, grace and intelligence.  Paris entered our home as if he had always lived here and easily won over our hearts.  We are looking forward to getting more involved with this amazing breed.    

We are members in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the Maritime Group 7 Club (MG7), the Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association (CNASA), for which Angela is the regional director for the Atlantic provinces as well as the editor for the CNASA Quarterly and Collin is the Treasurer, the Australian Shepherd Club Of America (ASCA), The South Shore Kennel Club (SSKC) where Collin is the President and Angela is the secretary, treasurer and webmaster, The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS) and the Canadian Cat Association (CCA). 

Our dogs are actively involved in conformation, obedience and rally and train for agility and herding. We have had some top dogs in Canada in conformation, rally and agilty, including the #1 Australian Shepherd puppy in Canada in 2011 and 2014, the #1 Australian Shepherd in agility for 2016 and the #1 Australian Shepherd in rally obedience for 2016 and many other top 10 placements over the years.  Many of our dogs compete in conformation, agility, rally, obedience, disc dog and have earned many owner/handled titles.  A Novacoast Aussie who is trained as a service/search and rescue dog was also involved in a search and rescue operation in Mexico after an earthquake.  Needless to say, we are very proud of all of our Novacoast aussies regardless if they are top show dogs or beloved family companions.  



Continuing Education...

As breeders we feel that learning never stops and take every advantage to learn from seminars, courses and our mentors.

Below is a list of  certificates, diplomas, webinars or seminars we attended.

2007- Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor Diploma from ICS  

2007- BARC Nutrition Seminar

2007 Allison Foley Conformation Handling Seminar

2008- Dog Grooming Diploma from JKL Training Academy

2008- Tellington Touch Seminar

2008- Allison Foley Conformation Handling Seminar

2009- Saint John Ambulance Pet First Aid Certificate

2010- Dr Robert Van Hutchison Seminar on Canine Reproduction

2010- Allison Foley Conformation Handling Seminar

2011- Pat Trotter Structure In Motion Seminar

2011- Eukanuba Seminar on Probiotics

2011-Essentials of Nutrition online course through Lifelearn

2013 Allison Foley Conformation Handling Seminar

2013 -Fleas and Ticks:People, Pets & Parasites Series

2013- (March 17th)-Unlocking the Secrets of K9 Nutrtion with Rodney Habib

2013-Fundamentals Of Human Nutrition through the University of Florida

2013 (April 20th)- Pat Hastings Seminar- Structure In Action

2013 (July 1st)- Canine Theriogenology for Dog Enthusiasts through the University of Minnesota

2013 (July 7th) "Let Them Stand Loose" Seminar by Jack Kilgour

2013 (July 7th) "Mentors, Mentors & More Mentors"  N.S.G.S.D.C. Specialty Show Ringside Mentoring Program

2013 (August 10th) Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine's Reproduction Seminar

2014 Population Genetics For Dog Breeders- The Institute of Canine Biology 

 2014 (February 18th) Scary Dog Food Truths Webinar by Roxanne Stone on canine nutrition

2014 (April 28th) Safer Vaccination webinar with Dr. Dee Blanco, DVM

2014 (June 20th) Update on HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) in the Bengal Cat with Dr Kate Meurs DACVIM, Ph. D.

2014 (August) Animal Behavior And Welfare-University of Edinburgh

 2015 (August) Dog Emotion and Cognition - Duke University

2015 (August) Introducing New Cat to Resident Cat by Jacqueline Munera, CCBC, CAP2

2015 (September) Introducing New Cat to Resident Dog by Jacqueline Munera, CCBC, CAP2

2015 (September) Introducing New Dog to Resident Cat by Jacqueline Munera, CCBC, CAP2

2015 (September) It Take Two:  Successful Cat and Dog Interactions by Jacqueline Munera, CCBC, CAP2

2015 (December 5th) Full Day Rally & Obedience Seminar by Tracy Snyder of K9IQ

2018 AKC Breeding Basics

2018 ABC's Of Dog Breeding Lesson 1 Genetics Part 1

2018 ABC's Of Dog Breeding Lesson 1 Genetics Part 2

2018 ABC's Of Dog Breeding Lesson 2 Breeding Systems

2018 ABC's Of Dog Breeding Lesson 3 Pedigree

2018 ABC's Of Dog Breeding Lesson 4 Selection

2018 ABC's Of Dog Breeding Lesson 5 Anatomy Part 1

2018 ABC's Of Dog Breeding Lesson 5 Anatomy Part 2

2018 ABC's Of Dog Breeding Lesson 6 Kennel Blindness

2018 ABC's Of Dog Breeding Lesson 7 Genetic Defects

2018 The Best Dog In 2 Minutes - Allison Foley

2018 Campaigning Your Dog - Allison Foley

2018 Beginner Handling - Allison Foley

2018 Intermediate Handling - Allison Foley

2018 Advanced Handling - Allison Foley

2018 Junior Handling 101 - Allison Foley

2018 Poodle Handling - Allison Foley

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